Let’s start this story in Cincinnati, Ohio. My main purpose of going to Ohio was to attend Game of Thrones night, the Reds would be hosting the Chicago Cubs! I think we all know how I feel about the Cubbies, but I didn’t care who they were playing. I just wanted my picture a top the Iron Throne and to get a bobblehead.

It ended up being a pretty good ball game. My favorite of the regular season. The game went into ten innings, with Yasiel Puig hitting a walk off homerun. Letting the worst time in Central Division beat the best one at 6-5.

Our next series brought in the Los Angeles Dodgers. I was pretty confident of how this game was going to go and I am glad that I was right. Home run after home run happened, it is what the Dodgers are known for. The Dodgers came out on top of this game at 6-0.

Let’s take thing up to The Land now. Cleveland was cold, but that’s how it almost always seems to be when I go to American League games. I really liked Progressive Field, I cannot wait to see how the Allstar Game turns out here in about a month. The Oakland A’s beat the Cleveland Indians 6-4.

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