A Week in Baseball

So many little things happened this week and our podcast this week is a recap of them all. There was one thing that I cannot believe I left out of the podcast and that is two cycles happened this week! Shohei Ohtani with the Angels and Jake Bauers with the Indians, two cycles two days in a row!

SRP Field in North Augusta, South Carolina.

In my week, in the baseball world, I went to a minor league game on Friday night seeing the Augusta Greenjackets host the Rome Braves in the South Atlantic League. It was a standing room only game for me, does this ever happen at major league stadiums? It was alright, the weather was nice and it was an entertaining game. Also it was the first drone light show in all of baseball!


Ball hawking, a game at the game. Today, I will be sharing with you some of the baseballs that I have caught at major league and minor league games. Don’t feel bad if you have never caught a ball at a game, I attended my first big league game in 2012 and caught my first ball in 2017. Five years!

My first one was a toss up ball from Brian Anderson of the Miami Marlins, for toss ups, you always want to be on the foul line. First base side for the home team and third base side for the visiting. This is a really cool one since it has the stamp that is for the Braves inaugural season at SunTrust Park in Atlanta.

Our next ball takes us to the South Atlantic League in Columbia, South Carolina. The Columbia Fireflies were hosting the Augusta Greenjackets. As you can tell from the ball it was a pretty rainy day. I was lucky enough to have this ball roll into the tunnel next to the dugout, all I did was ask one of the workers for it and he tossed it up to me.

This beauty, I got at Nationals Park in Washington D.C., thanks to the EMT in the bullpen. I didn’t even have to ask he just handed it over. It was hit in batting practice by either the Nationals or the Diamondbacks.

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